Rape. Encounter. different roles. different thoughts.

the society we live in, families are already cautious (synonym = restrictive), but every time the news of rape flashes, family members become extra cautious about the schedules requiring to be out of home after sunset,

when the rape news flashed, for a day or two, my stepping out of home after sunset fears my mum, fears my partner, to confess – I feared too.. fully aware of not blaming the instillation of fear here.

when we saw the news of encounter, the fear seemed vanishing from everybody’s mind, one hand the fear seemed vanishing while the other hand we felt power over the wrong-doers.

As a Daughter and a Girl-friend, the news of encounter seems in my favor as it automatically seems reducing worries in the mind of family members – which also means lesser restrictions over my after sunset time schedules.

As a Woman, I am rejoicing seeing the news on the way the four were gunned down.

As a Lawyer, I am questioning in my mind about our legal system, about which way law making/ applying/ implementation system is heading, in line with the police and government, and if this is way it has/ will/ should work?

As a Somebody not from above, I am wondering at what stage our humanity has reached to have to deploy encounter kind defense to our problems, what is the human thinking in mind while body crime over other?

different roles. different thoughts. left to myself.

hashtag myself someday?

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