Online discussion with two distant mediation mentees.

This screenshot from our online zoom learning class, we are learning about Conflict Resolution Spectrum & Mediation. Me Amee Dharamshi from Bengaluru with two mediation mentees Bhavya Sharma from Haryana and Yuvraj Mittal from Rajasthan.

What are my mentees teaching me? 1. Explaining mediation in vernacular language. I learnt explaining concept of mediation in Hindi, which seems very important as the people who we welcome to use mediation services can relate to the process better when explained in their own language.

2. Relating with daily life instances. While explaining the process, I was relating the concept to our daily life instances and we were together visualising scenarios in which we could apply mediation ourselves. as if mentees had their own start-up company and what would they choose if they had a problem between each other or in external contracts.

3. Creative approaches. To make the online class more interesting, my mind was constantly exploring creative and fun ways in which the whole concept can be explained.

It was fun session, learning, giggles, laughs, we enjoyed, my mentees are teaching me many new ways of teaching & learning.

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