My dear orange tea cup.

this cup survived the LLM Masters thesis.

this cup survived miles long distance from known home and food.

this cup survived the noisy Hong Kong protests.

this cup courageously travelled back to mera bharath mahaan – overcoming the fear of it’s fragility.

this cup transformed lifestyle to a family life than a single freedom filled life – which means it’s washed the same day it used.

this cup learnt distancing – it mostly lives in the kitchen unlike around books and then the only bed.

this cup probably knows owner’s secrets then anybody else – probably even before owners knows – yes maybe he judges the owners mood by the color and strongness of the tea poured in it.

this cup engrossed fears with frustration with anger and survived the physical strong behaviour.

this cup .. is going to survive this quite days?!?! this cup has decided for a partial Vipassana practice with it’s own small star mark…
wow! wait! I am writing a essay on a cup? 🤔

oh no. ‘on a cup’? no no. it’s ‘my dear orange tea cup’. now I and you know why my legal articles face bundle of hurdles to even reach mind of publishers? haa. I’l settle for insta & facebook publishing for now.

#socialdistancing #covid_19

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