afraid to journal? afraid to write your thoughts?

Always heard journalling is good πŸ“–.

The lockdown ate up my excuse – no time ⏳ to journal cause I have work to do – in one gulp.

I am writing. To capture the voice of the moment(s). Some voices scare me. But that’s not the problem, I managed to overcome the scare and still move the pencil ✏️ in the book like nobody’s watching.

The scare didn’t give up πŸ‘Ή. He came from another route to reach me. It took form of my own words from my own journal. Maybe it figured out I didn’t want to face them. By now I almost gave up. For a few days, which turned into a week πŸ—“οΈ. Alas across.

But then also heard, don’t worry… just hold on.. πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ you will get to your answers.

Seems like, in these scenes, the hearsay is working. Cause I think I got my way to beat the scare πŸ€“. I just turned to a new blank page. As if no words lay in previous pages. Not even cared to mention PTO 🀷..

Phew. Over the previous words, for now. Moving on to new fresh blank page πŸ€.

So, moral of the story: figure out your way to less worry about the dried words. You will find your fresh words. Cause fresh words eagerly waiting to meet you. Well, worked for me.

Take your journal. Keep pencilling ✏️.

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