amee as mediator mentor in year 2150

Teacher (T): It was in the year 2020 that the Mediators from across the globe accelerated their speed on developing the online platforms for mediation.
Student (S): Wasn’t it the start year of COVID times?

T: Yes, it was the first year of COVID.
S: Oh! Sounds like the COVID gave huge space for new online experiments and developments. I did read some books on it saved in our library.

T: Yes, indeed, it was like that.
S: Then, how did the experiments further evolve? I mean how would they know what they developed would work?

T: It is said so that the whole mediation community today credits the first batch of mediation community from the year 2020 who volunteered to development of the online mediation, but not forgetting the people i.e who opted for mediation then in the year 2020. It is also said that these first batch of mediators to receive online mediation case requests were the bravest and most curious among the rest.

S: Did you just refer the people who opted for online mediation in the year 2020 as ‘the specimens’?
T: Emm… Oh, its time for a break! Next topic after the break: “Traditional Mediation v/s Online Mediation – Pros & Cons.”

(during the break: T to S in private conversation: good question my dear, I will get back to you soon :).
#dialogueden #mediation

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