on call with reporter

Reporter: Hey, Amee! Could you share some views on the current tremendous increase in mediation cases, especially because of lock-down and contractual issues?

Amee: Hm.. yes why not, I would like to be featured in a news channel.

Reporter: 🙂

Amee: So, truth or good?

Reporter: Of course only good, our aim is to promote mediation.

Amee: But, I wish to speak the truth…

(after an awkward pause….)
Reporter: Hey can I call you back later?…

Amee to Amee, after days and weeks of not receiving this call, “but the truth did have good, … what did I do : /… I missed a chance to be featured in news now… sigh…”

hashtag careful how you interpret.
hashtag principles above business.
hashtag what you hear.

#mediation #mediatorcareer #news

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