are you a mediator? learn Going to the balcony.

Prepping for mediation from home? I have become an expert in going to the balcony ๐Ÿ’ญ(those who know, will know).


I learnt the concept of ‘go to the balcony’ from my mediation classes mentored by TK Iu at the University of Hong Kong. I must confess, this training not only helps in training self for mediations but also helps in training self for our own behaviour in our personal life – which has a real impact on the kind of person you wish to be.


As learnt, I am now aware – the most natural thing one would do when in conflict is: strike back, give in, or the worst – break off. However, instead, we can and must consider doing these three things: pause and say nothing, rewind the tape and take a time-out!


Breathe calmly my dear ๐ŸŒฑ.Thank you, Papa @sanjay.dharamshi, also. (to keep reminding me to go to the balcony of my life which I really forget when I become a mere normal human stuck in personal conflict.)

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