amee playing multiple roles in life

where should I see.

the camera or the lens. let’s do both. take a picture with both seeing. working from home gets you take royal breaks for self-pampering.

the roles I am playing working from home:

• mediator

• young new entrepreneur

• mentor, trainer

• legal studies teacher

• distant social worker

• volunteer operations manager

• daughter

• sister (mostly being didi)

• friend

• care-giver

• cook, cleaner,

• wife to the house, and

• sometimes – one angry woman (hormonal).

after plenty photo try clicks, two fine photos to upload. I was never this obsessed, thanks to social media skill improves I am learning & trying to apply. 🧡 what roles are you playing this lockdown? which skills did you learn or recall or master this lockdown??? 🧡share in the comments, you’l inspire people around 🙂.

#wfm #mediators #volunteers #dialogueden #masterpeace #schoolteacher #youngmediatorsinitiative #lockdown #lockdown2020 #skills #confidence #mediatorsofinstagram #conflictprofessional

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