friendship day special – 2020

A woman friend fired from life for a supramental mind speaks.

The responses I receive when I need a friend:

(a) It’s ok…

(b) But aren’t you facing it from childhood?(

c) But didn’t you know, it’s going to be this way! (

c) Ok. But when will you get married now..!?

(d) At least now you must get married.

(e) You know, your body is missing sex.

(f) Listen to me, sexual relationship is your answer.

(g) Oh.. I am worried.. are you going to suicide?

(h) Acha.. leave everything, now tell me who is your current boyfriend..

(g) Amee, I need more than friendship with you.

(i) Common ya, your problems aren’t that big.

(j) Did you know some people sleep hungry? At least you have food and a pink car.

(k) You are worrying me sister! Don’t kill yourself.

(l) I told you not to be emotional weak bitch.

(m) It is all because you are allowing it.. 👎 Hang in. This will pass.

(o) Omg! oh shit.. Why didn’t you tell me this before..

(p) more … to never end….

Sometimes, I do receive:

(a) Chal let’s listen to a song, together.

(b) Hold my hand for now, rest we can talk about it later.

(c) Ok let’s swear together, and then watch this movie.

(d) Let’s go for a walk together.

(e) Arey.. java de ne.. B

etween all these I think no more ever it will be: sitting in silence with full presence of soul for each other with a jug of beer on the side.For the ones I have been calling upfront, thank you from my heart. For the ones I have been not anymore calling, thank you from my mind. For the ones I have been literally pushing and avoiding, thank you from my life.

Above all, for the ones and for the everyones: Happy Friendships Day – this just fell in place for the post.. not intentional.. mind started speaking in the night today after a long horrifying day.

Do give a try to embrace the human jeev we have been gifted. That means, because you got sad, don’t drag down the whole environment. Reflect on your responses: eating up a part of your diminishing friend or being there to help finish the pain sooner.For the fancy friends, don’t forget to check out the hashtags!

#mind #friendship #eatup #bethere #responsibility #response

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