withdrawing from mediation works

When boarding the line of conflict and mediation person, little did I know about healthy and acceptable withdrawal from the world, without feeling guilty for taking a day off.

The secret treasure of a well performing mediator was right here.. in a way which I was hesitating learning to walk!

A way of healthy pause in life.

I found my place to sit for retreats, it did not leave me alone, it was with community in Southern part of India where everyone lives above all creeds, religions, in peace and harmony and love.

But it’s too away now distance wise.

Now, I have found new way of living my break days, visualising I am in my retreat place. I am looking forward to make this work.

The more you withdraw from life, the more speedy recovery you will have. And all this is to be learnt by yourself, for yourself. Being a mediator is a single person job, you are the asset. I take great long breaks! So I can give my fresh emotionally charged self to welcome clients to talk of their conflicts…

Now that I have learnt walking this path, I have found my treasure. These are my investments. What are yours?

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