my writing journey

I have failed to pass all the publications. Never succeeded in getting any written piece published in my life. As a law student, I think – as per the current standard – not able to pass the doors of the publication is the most bad negative marking on a marks-card.

But I write. I flood my pages on Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn. Instagram birthed a online painter in me. I also paint my writing. And as a initial startup – new full-time mediator – my money don’t pay for a marketing agency or a graphic designer. So.

I am starting to think, maybe after 30 years, koi farishta aayega, and publish karega ek Book jiska naam hoga.. “100 best Mediation Instagram posts: by Amee Dharamshi.”

Aur kya. Dekho, Suno, self motivation zaruri he! plus story sad bhi honi chahiye. Famous to hona hi he pakka ek din!

#randomthoughts ki jai. Keep writing.

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