teachers’ day

As I age, this year 2020 will be most remembered (I think). The losses and gains. I lost my first loves. I gained much professional appreciation. Some relations died. Some are improving. Old friends faded. New friends never stop to arrive. My talking reduced. My thinking capacity bettered. I couldn’t travel to reach my people. I speak to many across globe sitting in my room.

In the middle of so much, this is the first time I am wished for a Teacher’s Day by energetic GenZ generation and by the school.

But I would like to turn to my teachers and thank them for all the knowledge they shared with me, to make me who I am today, to the values I carry today, to the principles I believe in, and to make me able to share knowledge with the next generation as a School Teacher and as a Mediation Mentor.

(Receiving this e-badge from the school to wish for teachers day feels same happiness like my birthday wish. I wait for 12’o clock to write this post. Life is wonderful.)

#teacher #mentor #teachersday2020 #pandemic #covid

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