My dear mentor Turnitin

I hated you too much at first. You were my biggest hurdle. You always pushed me back to my start. You threatened me with bad grading.

But, actually,
Every-time you pushed me back to my start, you were reminding me to start better. Every-time you were my hurdle, I had to start thinking anew. Every-time you threatened me, I was amazed by the thinking capacity of my own mind.

You brought me the,
Seed of thought – Jumping from somebody’s shoulders for your own credits and connections, is and will always be NO. NO. and NO.

You taught me to,
CREDIT CORRECTLY. Don’t rush to bypass your connections. You are setting your face. You want it to look nice with your in-built value of integrity (i.e. if it is present in you.).

I hated you. But you were actually teaching me a life lesson.
My dear mentor Turnitin. #turnitin.

Thought of the day: Feel proud but NO forget Integrity.

#entrepreneurlife #integrity #rightful #Credit #source

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