mediator personality

Getting work done from other – nears the efforts needed in facilitating a process, no?
and most of the times the other:
– don’t want to do the assigned/ requested work
– don’t like the work
– isn’t on the same energy level to get work done
– isn’t interested to even listen, and
– is not impacted by the result, will lose nothing except time ..etc

And if I had to order & get work done – take note – no orders work in the year 2020. If I intend to get the work done and keep the process running, I must learn to deal with these responses – smartly – without applying power.

How? maybe Reduce tension. Understand the other. Create an open space for dialogue. Make the work fun. Allow creativity to take centre stage, and (I am actually still thinking of answers myself.)

On the face, this may seem a life skill or a leadership skill. I think it is also a facilitation skill. I am facilitating. I am facilitating in: friendships, families, my children, my mentees, my employees, my volunteers, my business deals, my variety of people.

(and ending this writing – I am wondering – how my morning question of getting work done by my maid – created this piece.)

My moral of the story: being mediator is personality more than striving hard to follow a defined process. ya?

#mediators #skilldevelopment

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