to live for the other

And not all have the privilege to be born to live for somebody else.

In this current overly mindful world – where I, Me, Mine, My Mind, My Work, My Body, My Soul .. all My has become so important to be first. Some of us are gifted to share the purpose of our entire life for the Other.

Someday maybe I earn the same privilege – to live for my baby, just like my mother is gifted this privilege, to live for me.

She continues to live for me. I will live for my, baby. And the world will keep rotating. Life goes on… and on.. . Covid pausing our life, we explore the deeper meaning of our Life existence.

To everyone here, living for the Other – You earned it 🙂. Just another perspective for the day. Cannot forget how my Bai Damayanti Dharamsey also had to live for me 😃 .. we did have complaints but we sailed through it with each other very happily.


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