Can you slow down?

We can’t slow down. We cannot slow down. We don’t know how to slow down, also. Working for company. Working for family. Working for socials. Working for food. … Working for personal.

Add oil people. Pause. Pause for a day. Pause for a week. Pause for ourselves.

The maximum we will do if we pause is – maybe eat one less meal, ok no?

For my Mediation people here: This is also a good Mediator skill, by the way. If you didn’t pause at the right time and right moment – you will bring more chaos into the room and the process. If you learnt to pause at that right time – you will see how automatically it creates a safe flexible informal warm environment. (Ok? Definition of Mediation in books, matching?)

Pause. #covid #year2020 #mediation #life

(I am reading my own writing to repeat this to myself. I can’t stop either sometimes, unless final burnout leaves notice at my doorstep.)

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