to stay in an abusive relationship

and the chemistry of continuous choice to live in an abusive relationship has its own reasons and influences and Choices. could we dare to bring a full-stop? it’s OK if we don’t. be there until you are ready to free yourself. it’s not wrong. we don’t know what’s abusive, yet.

just know, it’s not wrong. it’s OK. it’s Your Choice. it’s for You to decide when to bring a full-stop. just know that you are still precious.

(sharing from a meaningful discussion with another elder woman. woman to woman talk!)

[a very kind request: please avoid commenting if you haven’t been a victim in an abusive relationship. also know, I appreciate all your thoughts still. but it’s not about you and your woman development talks today. every individual has a right to acknowledge their feelings and choices, and I didn’t hesitate today to bring this perspective of choice in this post here.]

#conflict #education #choices #perspectives #acknowledge

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