He: Ma’am, good morning, where are your specs?
Me: Oh. Oh. Here. Thanks for that. I didn’t realise I missed wearing my specs.
He: Wear it Ma’am.
Me: Yes. I will. Give me a minute, I have to look for them around here.

Sharing fresh from my class this morning:
Oh my. I am in tears of joy for receiving such caring behaviour. A simply question made me feel so loved, so cared, so important in the room! They take care of me so much. They observe me. They know me now. They took the effort? It might just be so pure from his heart.
Another form of Love. #compassion #care #mindful

Being teacher is such a bliss. Thank you Meena Waghray for introducing this space in my life.

My personal learning and reminder again: how simple it is to give love and in receiving your love I reciprocate my giving.


Is it not one of the initial steps – of us involving in creating world peace for our human community? #empathy#love#peace

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