Surviving a messy month

Surviving a messy month … very differently this time. Every time I feel messy, unorganised, unhealthy, low, slow, … I pause my days and take long long breaks .. and WRITE. But I write also on my very normal days. But but I write more on my messy days. This time is very different.

One thing I don’t want to do to is WRITE.. .

I don’t want to Journal. I don’t want to Write.

I don’t want to Think. I don’t want to Reflect.

What do I want to do.. !? Nothing.

Oh.Sailing through nothing is my favourite most learning task. And I think this is great influencing learning cause there are situations – moments – rooms – we can actually do nothing in. Our solution is to just Stay in there. Our deemed purpose is to Be in there. Not doing anything. However, Not also disappearing. No. There is no disappearance. I am all here. It’s just, very different. Personal and also Work wise. Also.

Did I say one thing and list many things I don’t want to do? Also. Did I say I don’t want to write and am writing here this much? #beingwoman

Can you relate a bit? Or this is just slight upturn in my insanity scale?

#thoughts#mediaton#reflection#thinking#nothing#nothingness#messy#bun#womanownedbusiness#womanentrepreneur#aging#understand#insanen or #maturity#mindbodysoul

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