falling sick with solo life

Amee falling sick. (by morning)

Doctor: ok. so it is this. we have to do this. do you live alone? will you be able to manage by yourself?

Amee: ok. hmm. yes of course. years past experience in self repair.

(by evening)

Amee alerting the entire family group bringing brother father mother stepmother sister-cousin house-helper building-security salon-guy all in loop to be alerted for emergency help.

(by next day)

Doctor: ok. time for this this that & that tests.

Amee: wait. I have to ask my Pappa. and then we will ask Mummy. and then we must keep Bhai informed.

Doctor: Ma’am it’s mandatory. just sit down here. don’t fear. you will be fine. we will let your family know if you ask us to.Amee: oh hello! Excuse me! Kya bola? Fear?!?

Amee: I am alone. Mummy (in silence): lol

Pappa (in volume): lol and lol

Bhai (in nonexistent state): … probably rofl-ing.

Me to Me: Uff. Solo Independent Woman. I had mentioned.

Me to You: So. Are you as independent as me?

Moral of the personal sharing: We humans need other humans. By mind. By body. By money. By all possible means. Share what you can share 🙂. Help around! Especially, help the independent solo guys & girls more! Independent. (Disclaimer: all characters are fictional. they wouldn’t consent to publish their role, so.)

Amee is all ok! Beating typhoid with cheese chocolate orders with a lot bit of self pampering at the cost of 2 month’s salary.

#compassion #sharewarmth #sololife #humans

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