From the only place which could make me look younger by a few days, from now on.. Sending thank yous to everyone reaching out to wish me today. I share the love of my day with you all 🙂 ..

Celebrating my existence 💕 born out of their accident – they had & have to make peace with my existence, I know. It troubled many. But by this birthday year I am confident to ensure & to have made all those troubled and all those who were involved in making peace with keeping the life in me – a journey filled with joy and happiness and sweet possessive anger – they will treasure as part of their precious life.. #parents

And, for all the friendships I earned,

for all the sister relationships I created,

for all the substitute parent roles of my life,

for all the default fill-in people from my childhood & teenage,

and for all the so many valuable life moment sharing,

and – not forgetting,

for all the handsome men of my life who let me know of my own capacity to love the other & to feel so strong for the other..

I am today, a piece of you all. Sharing a piece of me with you all is what I will treasure from this life existence. till death. thank you ❤️ this life existence never fails to amaze me!

#life #love #relationships #birthday

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