happy birthday .. but.. shaadi hui k nahi?

this happened. actually. an Indian aunty birthed inside me and wished me right at 12 am – with “ab to shaadi kar le.” .. which was equal to – “happy birthday dear Amee..”

lol. no wonder. body. looks. shaadi. and all that the millennials call taboo – is going to be taboo. I just certified to be the taboo aunty for my Indian juniors. oh no. oh no dear – it is our casual conversation starter! nahi kya? isn’t that how we start our conversations?

it is inbuilt in us now.

“hey – you have reduced weight since we last met…”

“hey – why are you looking so tanned?..”

“hey – so .. koi mila k nahi?..”

“arey.. ab toh shaadi pakka iss saal..?”

“arey.. ab dusra baccha kab..?”

“acha sun.. !!” arey bhaiya.. this is not taboo I think. this is inbuilt in us since ages. so, it is a custom, yeah? all this is an inbuilt natural feature of us as people born in Indian families. but. I say. it no different in other families in other countries. it is a natural course of life/ humans, our elders want to tell us about it! just that.

I am the aunty now. I get to ask, also! “arey… shaadi nahi ab tak? oh ho .. umar nikal jaani ab teri…”.. beware of the certified aunty Amee – GenZ. Birthday was a reason. the world called me to remind of my running age. thanks all 😃 . default assistants to mummy.

#aunty #woman #natural

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