Bhaiyaji.. don’t “hey” me!

I see a huge scope for a Union group to be created. All people who don’t get responses for “hey” or “hi” messages – could start a Union.

Add mediation in the dispute resolution clause of the Union Policy. #mediation

This will royally be my one mediation session scenario – I will not mind play a role of hard person party. Arey. Mera pappa mereko Hey Hu Ha nahi karta. Tum kaha se aahe ho saare? don’t mind me – just #beingwoman

Also, we could try this! Next time, maybe start a conversation with if I had my morning tea or could make time to read that book queued up on my table since bought or write the actual message you want to talk about! #communication#active

hashtag new entrepreneurs loosing out friends with relationships cause an informal unnecessary chat always takes backseat of our life journey while the front seat is in a mess to be sorted, all 24 hours. never in right mind. #time#conversations#informal

hashtag only 24 hours. hashtag only 1% sane mind informality.

hashtag no job. hashtag businessperson.

hashtag whatever.hashtag meri chai jal gayi ye likhte.

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