investing efforts to creating a safe environment, its magical

In the school sessions with youth aged 16-18 years:

one of them said: Ma’am, I think I am your favourite most in this class. You like me.

other said: Ma’am, but I think she is right one for me! I understand her.

other said: Ma’am, what are your hobbies? I think after the school ends, I would want to meet you and have a nice talk. (hmm, ok cause we think pandemic time we will never meet each other,.. so the mention of meeting.)

other said: Ma’am, I am sad you were sick, and I think pandemic is messing with us, my family is sick too! other said: Ma’am, can I talk about about that? please .. I wish to release and feel I am ok.

other said: Ma’am, I feel you and I feel the same, and I am surprised how come you feel the same, but I think because you feel so, I can be assured of my feeling to be Ok!.


The Mediator inside me. Although these classes have no connection to Mediator role. But it let me know – What takes to a create the magical feeling of a safe environment to start to speak and start to share!

Have you put efforts to create this safe environment for somebody? How? When?


It’s magical.

#mediator skills #safe environment #classes #sharing #teacher

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